Microneedling or Collagen Induction therapy is a procedure where surgical micro needles are passed over the skin at high speed, piercing and injuring the skin with micro trauma so it repairs itself at a deeper level, stimulating collagen in the process.  It is a more advanced procedure than dermarolling treatment, as needles used are a slightly longer depth, are used directly on rather than rolled over the skin, and can only be used by medical professionals. Because of its design, the wand used is able to target specific areas, under eye dark circles, nose, chin, for an all over face treatment.

Mesotherapy can be combined with microneedling.  It is a treatment where a range of products including vitamins, minerals, pharmaceutical and homeopathic treatments are delivered into the skin. During microneedling the skin surface is pierced, allowing chosen products to be applied and transported into the deeper layers of the skin for dramatic results

Treatment Overview

Duration 30 minutes.
Anaesthesia Topical anaesthetic cream.
Downtime Minimal, some mild skin redness and dryness
Aftercare Basic, minimal, using sunscreen and moisturiser.
Side effects None.
Area Face. Can also be used on stretch marks on body. .
Results Improved appearance, reduction in scarring/stretch marks, improves open pores and blemishes, plumps the skin. Improves dark circles under eyes.

Not suitable in pregnancy/breastfeeding, active skin breakouts. Discussed more at consultation.


1 session £120

3 session course, monthly intervals, £300

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