Beautiful lips typically are in keeping with a persons face shape and size, appear soft, well defined and volumised in the right places.  For beautification, the lower lip should be slightly larger at the centre than the upper lip. The cupids bow subtlety defined completes the appearance of beautiful volumised lips. There will be no over filling or obvious enhancement to the lips, as this appears totally unnatural. Suitable for all, but over 40’s respond especially well to subtle lip enhancement as this when the first signs of lip ageing tend to appear with lined lips, thinness and loss of volume.


Results vary from person to person and are temporary. Dermal fillers last typically between 3-9 and some fillers up to 18 months duration.

Treatment Overview

Duration  Up to 15-30 minutes
Anaesthesia  Topical anaesthetic cream
Downtime  Up to 5 days possibility of swelling and/or bruising
Aftercare  Basic, minimal
Side effects  Lip border definition and lip body volumisation

Not suitable in Pregnancy/breastfeeding

£180  0.5ml Juvederm
£260  1ml Juvederm

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