Excessive underarm sweating, or Hyperhidrosis is an embarrassing condition treated successfully with Botulinum Toxin by blocking the nerves which tell the sweat glands to function.  It is a series of several superficial microinjections in to the under arm skin, effects begin within a few days and last several months.  The sweat produced by underarms is less than 2% of what the body produces, so the treatment has no effect on body temperature/thermoregulation.

Treatment Overview

Duration 30 minutes.  
Anaesthesia Not required but topical anesthetic cream may be applied if required.
Downtime None
Aftercare None
Area Underarms 
Side effects Minor soreness resolves soon after..
Results Significant reduction in excessive sweating, complete cessation of perspiration in most cases for up to approx 6 months sometimes longer. 

Not suitable in pregnancy/breastfeeding, severe allergy history, Discussed more at consultation. 


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