Dermal fillers are made of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) a substance that is present in skin tissue and is responsible for creating the plumpness and softness seen in youthful faces.   As we age the production of HA diminishes and contributes to loss of volume, lines and folds, reduced skin smoothness and an aged appearance to the skin. Replacement of HA with dermal filler treatments restores lost volume, improves facial contours and skin texture. A dermal filler treatment performed well will appear natural, not overfilled or puffy and will not alter a persons natural features.             .

Treatment Overview


Duration 30-60 minutes.
Anaesthesia Topical anaesthetic cream
Downtime None.
Aftercare Minimal.
Facial Area Mid face volumisation – nose to mouth lines, marionette/downturned mouth, cheek definition/sculpting, chin alignment, smokers lines around mouth Lips – Vermillion border of lips, and lip body enhancement.
Hand Rejuvenation Back of hands treatment to smooth and plump skin.
Side effects Potential small bruising, redness at injection site, localised swelling and soreness which will subside. Flu symptoms. Discussed at consultation
Results Injected under the skin for instant plumping and to replace lost volume in the face. Last 3-9 months.

Not suitable in Pregnancy/Breastfeeding, Serious allergies. Discussed more at consultation

0.5ml Juvederm Smile    £180

1ml Beletero Balance (soft light filler for smokers lines/lip border)   £220

1ml Juvederm Ultra 3/Belotero Intense   £240

1ml Juvederm Ultra 4/Belotero Volume   £260

1ml Juvederm Vycross range  Premium longer lasting fillers start from   £280

‘8 Point lift’ A full face lifting and volumising dermal filler treatment   £450-£650

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