Chemical skin peels have been used for decades, but are gaining a new popularity now as an effective, non invasive method to improving the skin on the face and body. They work by exfoliating the top skin layer and encourage it to renew itself by creating new skin cells and stimulating elastin and collagen which contributes to smoothing and plumping the skin.
NeoStrata Pro System Glycolic Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) peels are light medical grade peels. Applied as a clear solution and left on the skin for up to several minutes before a neutralising solution and moisturising cream is applied.  A warming, tingling sensation is felt during the treatment, this is not painful, a slight discomfort, but is tolerated well. Following this peel, you will notice your skin has improved texture, smoothness and reduced pigmentation. Further improvments will be seen as your course of peels progresses.

Skin Tech Trichoroacetic Acid (TCA) peels are a deeper peel to address significant uneven pigmentation, acne scarring, sun damage and fine lines. Similar application process to AHA peels, the recovery time is slightly longer.  Skin will appear flushed/reddened immediately after, some soreness present, superficial peeling of the skin occurs a few days later.

Treatment Overview

Duration Up to 30 minutes
Anaesthesia not required
Downtime Minimal, some mild skin redness and dryness, active peeling with TCA peels.
Aftercare Basic, minimal, using sunscreen and moisturiser
Area Face, neck, chest, hands.
Side effect Hypersensitivity (rare).
Results Brighter, smoother skin tone and texture (especially after make up application),  reduced blemishes and pigmentation.

Not suitable in pregnancy/breastfeeding, retinol treatment, active skin breakouts, autoimmune disorders, some chronic conditions. Discussed more at consultation.

Neostrata AHA peels Light strength
4 peel course £200 over 4-6 weeks,  additional peels £60.

SkinTech TCA peels Medium strength 1 peel £90

3 peel course £250

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